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I love this dog. Zoey is the perfect pillow #IWokeUpLikeThis

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I used one of your themes (which i 'liked') on both my main (wolfcrux) and side (beautiful-bane) I love it, thank you!


Yay, I’m glad you like it :3

I was up since 6:40am on my day off and I didn’t even get a SDCC badge! Like Sunday is still available but I can’t travel, pay for train, hotel, and everything to be there for one day. This random generator for line placement is bullshit

Glad to have you back Jazzy!! #mybestfriend

Happy International Women’s Day!


2014 Academy Award Nominees: Best Picture

12 Years A Slave, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, The Wolf of Wall Street



behind the scenes of Teen Wolf 3x02 “Chaos Rising” [x]

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"Welcome to Beacon Bank, how can I help you." 

Derek cringed at his tone he could just tell was irritated. He’s had three meetings with the owner of the bank about how, when he’s a teller, he can’t just act like he’s irritated and pissed off all the time. Derek tried to tell Mr. Loveits that it’s just his tone, he can’t help it, but he didn’t seem to care. 

Still, the pay was decent and he really didn’t have any other skill. Except ripping people’s throats out with his teeth. Surprisingly, being a werewolf didn’t get you high paying jobs though. 

The person who had come up to his counter, though, didn’t seem too put off by Derek’s voice. Although he did take a step back before saying, “Dude, you ok?” 

Derek ground his teeth, “Don’t call me dude.” 

The guy just huffed and smirked, “Yeah well I could call you grumpy cat, but I don’t think we’re friends enough to warrant you a nickname.”

Derek raised his eyebrow. Did this kid need help with something? “Don’t you need help with something?”

"Oooo question mark, I like it." The guy chuckled, "Yeah I just need to deposit something." He reached into his pocket and pulled out-

A coin jar.

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Because I hate this show and fuck you I want some Sterek with little puppies goddamnitt *aggressively throws a poorly-stuffed, unevenly-stitched fluffy pillow in your face*

PS: the pillow is a metaphor for this ficlet. I’m sorry, I need fluff.


Stiles looked up from shuffling through the mail just in time to see Derek come striding back into the apartment, damp workout shirt clinging to his chest in all the right places, making him want. In Derek’s arms was the smallest, fluffiest looking puppy Stiles had ever seen. His response was immediate.

"We’re not keeping it, babe." Derek gave him a look that could’ve very well killed the puppy in his arms, thus negating Stiles’ point.

"His name is Maxie," he spat back, nuzzling at the tuft of hair at the scruff of the pup’s neck. "And you have no say in the matter.” As if agreeing with him, the little dog let out an assertive, albeit tiny bark. Stiles’ heart did not do a flip in his chest, nor did it make its best attempt to strangle itself with his aorta.

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Tyler Hoechlin on Dylan O’Brien & Tyler Posey’s reaction to a script

Watch the video. you have to.

I’ve so many “Derek and Scott and Stiles as roommates” fic ideas right now.

McHalinski is all I’m gonna say.

Like.. Derek got stuck with two idiots and although they have a good heart the clearly use him out. Derek does the dishes, Derek cooks and Derek cleans and he is totally a mother hen.
"Dude dude dude, I forgot to buy flowers for Allison would you please please help me out here I will be meeting her soon and I dunno what to dooooooooooooooooooooooo Save MEEEE"
And by the time Scott and Allison get to the restaurant there is a small bouguet of roses at their reserved table with a card (To Allsion ,From Scott) , and he makes sandwiches for Stiles so he can spend more time in the library, and bandaids Scott’s wrist he hurt while lacross and listens to Stiles’ never-ending babbling about Lydia, and carries Stiles’ science project to the science fair for him cos Derek has a car, and picks them up from a party because they are smashed like nuts and unable to come home. And they almost vomit into his car… guh.

And then Derek gets sick/ill and he has the worst fewer and he can’t go home cos he lives like the other side of the country and he can’t even get out of bed because he is the sickest being on the planet… so Scott and Stiles pay back all the love. Scott does all the housework and Stiless does the essays Derek needs to send to his professor by Friday and they feed him soup, and mashed potatoes and bring him medicine, download the newest series of house of cards and game of thrones so he can watch em, and they are just so cute and adorable and they can actually stand on their feet it’s just that they little bastards who don’t wanna. and when Derek’s Mom comes to visit she is like: “Derek shame on you, you do nothing while poor Stiles and Scott do everything? You heartless boy, these high school students should spend their time studing to get into universities and you’re sleeping all day!” And Derek is like “Mom? Is she really here or I’m hallucinating because of the fewer?” , while Scott and Stiles just laugh and tell her the truth how Derek took care of them all the time.

And it’s all happy and joy and brotherly love.

I’m pretty sure this fic already exists btw. If you find it on AO3, let me know.